Our mission is to create satisfied, loyal customers. We work hard to understand your needs and provide a level of service that exceeds expectations. We offer a wide array of support options. Get the help or information you need by contacting our expert support team, by browsing through our frequently asked questions, or from our status page.

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Reach Us by Phone

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Status Page

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Customer Support Policy

Registered Enverus Business Automation users are given a number of customer service channels including:

  • Phone Line – Support & Data Research
  • Email – Support & Data Research
  • Online Tutorials
  • Online Documentation
  • Online Application Help
  • Individual and Group Training

Need help? Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Support Questions

Do I have an admin for my account?

Most accounts have an Admin user. Contact Support for assistance with any account requests.

I know my user ID and password but cannot log in?

Please ensure you are at the correct URL for the product you wish to use.

Complete the steps below for your browser for log in issues (NEEDED), if the problem continues please contact your company admin or Contact Support.

What is my user ID?

Please refer to your initial email, company Admin or Contact Support for assistance. Your user ID will determine what product of Enverus Business Automation you use. Please ensure you are at the correct URL for the product you wish to use.

How many times can I attempt to login before my account is disabled?

At a minimum, your account will be locked after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. This can be customized up to 8 for the OpenInvoice product.

What should I do if my account is disabled?

Contact your company administrator or Contact Support for assistance.

How can I check what email address is associated with my account?

You can check/update your email address after logging into your account under the Preferences or Profile section.

Can I add another user to my account?

This is available for most products. Contact your company Admin or Contact Support for assistance.

Can I be logged into one account on multiple computers?

No, users are only permitted one active session. Please see “Can I add another user to my account?” Or Contact Support for assistance if you need to add a new user.

How do I reset my password? Forgot my password?

Please click the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the login page to reset the password on your account.

Can I update/change my user ID?

In some instances yes. Contact Support for assistance in updating your user ID.

Can I bookmark the login page?

It’s not recommended as this can cause a caching issue.

I’m receiving a message that says I’m already logged in, what should I do?

This occurs if you don’t click the ‘log out’ option and just close your browser without logging out. You’ll just need to click login or Continue option again, otherwise click.

I received an error ‘Invalid Credentials/bad user ID’, what should I do?

Please check to ensure you’re using the correct user ID. Contact Support for assistance or your Admin to verify your account.