The Oildex Network For Suppliers

Oildex has been committed to delivering value to our customers for over 17 years.

Oildex was founded on the premise that connecting buyers, suppliers, and partners in the oil and gas industry via a business network would optimize transactions in a way that creates value for all parties… and we have become the leader in this space by delivering on that promise. 

Our solutions enable customers to improve their operational efficiencies and significantly reduce the costs associated with running their businesses.  A core value driver for all Oildex solutions is the Oildex Network for OpenInvoice and Spendworks – the largest network of buyers and suppliers in the oil and gas industry.

The Oildex Network is the largest business network of buyers and suppliers in the oil and gas industry.


The Oildex Network provides significant value to participants including:

  • Improved cash flow – Money unnecessarily tied up in receivables is money that could be invested in the business or returned to shareholders. The sooner cash can be collected, the sooner it can be used for other operations.

  • Online visibility– Access invoice and payment status, history, and information with an internet connection.
  • Online dispute management – Receive dispute notification and resolve disputes immediately.
  • Better customer relationships – Operators/Buyers have strong preference for working with suppliers on the Oildex Network.
  • Priority over paper invoices – Customers will prioritize, process, and pay electronic invoices first.
  • Fewer late payments– Automatic invoice routing to the appropriate approvers and automated invoice workflow and substantially reduces the time buyers needed to approve and pay your invoice.

The Oildex Network now provides Basic and Premier service levels.

Oildex has been delivering value to buyers and suppliers for many years. On April 1, 2017, a small subset of suppliers who benefit the most from participating in the network, will incur an annual Network Service Fee. Over 85% of all Suppliers within the Oildex Network will not be impacted and will receive Basic supplier support. Those who do pay will become Premier suppliers with access to exclusive privileges and personalized benefits reserved for our top tier clients.

Click below to learn more about the service level benefits you receive by participating in the Oildex Network.

BASIC SERVICE LEVELS (Annual Invoice Count <60 OR Invoice Amount <$500,000)

PREMIER SERVICE LEVELS (Annual Invoice Count ≥60 AND Invoice Amount ≥$500,000)

Oildex is a simple method of sending invoices – so much easier than what we were doing in the past. I love only spending five minutes on my invoicing! We love the speed as well as ease of sending, processing, and receiving payment! 

Rod & Tubing Services

"I am very pleased with Oildex, for two reasons, (1) it is so much faster and easier to submit invoices, and (2) if I need help, I get it immediately."

Garrett Trucking

Oildex is user friendly. It is easy to check up on mapping issues which is a great benefit. Compared to other companies we’ve used, Oildex seems to be more flexible in terms of search and report functionality.

Champion Technologies

Our time to process an invoice went from 3 minutes per invoice to about 15 SECONDS each with Oildex! We are definitely happy about this Program. 

Colorado Tubulars

"Oildex is by far the easiest, the most user friendly and the most efficient program that we work in, and we send invoices through four programs! We can process almost three times as many invoices in Oildex as we can in the other programs over the same amount of time."

Wood Group Productions Services, Inc.

Using the system we get paid within our terms and problems are resolved quickly. The supplier notification feature alerts us if an invoice is missing required fields or a field ticket (proof of delivery) this helps us to solve the problem quickly.

MRC Global

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