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Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI), a preferred payment partner of OpenInvoice, provides a virtual card payment option for operators to streamline and optimize payments.
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On-Webinar: Virtual Card - Secure, Faster Payments That Pay You Back

On-Webinar: Virtual Card - Secure, Faster Payments That Pay You Back

Enverus now offers a Virtual Card payment option for E&P companies looking to streamline their payment process. Watch the Virtual Card on-demand webinar to learn more about this exciting way to make your day-to-day AP processes more efficient!

Mitigate risk, increase revenue, and reduce costs

Mitigate risk, increase revenue, and reduce costs

Download the product overview to learn how Virtual Cards will streamline your payment process.

Product Overview

Why Use Virtual Card?

Effortless Reconciliation
One card number associated with each invoice creates effortless expense reporting and eliminates duplicate payments.

Maintain Compliance
Real-time controls specify how much, when, and where the card number can be used.

Increased Payment Security
Virtual cards can only be used for approved vendors and amounts, and the number becomes void once that payment has been made, making them essentially fraud-proof to outside hackers.

Generate Revenue and Reduce Cost
Integrating virtual card capabilities lets you save money by eliminating manual processes. Instantly start earning unlimited rebate revenue on your virtual card spend.

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How It Works


CSI’s dedicated team is here to answer your questions and get you on your way to payment optimization.
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FAQ for Operators and Suppliers

Why should I go from paper checks to electronic payment?

Cost is a big issue, with checks costing businesses between $5-$10 per invoice. CSI makes it easy for you. Every single one of CSI’s clients say they’re never going back to paper checks and only wish they’d made the move sooner. There are no out-of-pocket costs, you’ll earn new revenue, and it’s very easy.

How hard is it to move from paper to Virtual Card?

CSI makes it easy. Through a few short phone calls, CSI handles most of the setup and vendor enrollment.

What if most of my vendors won’t accept the cards?

You’d be surprised by how many will accept cards. CSI has more than 70,000 vendors that accept payments through their system. These are existing relationships CSI has with vendors and they contact and enroll them on your behalf. CSI can conduct a vendor match that will give you a good look at how many of your vendors are already accepting cards.

What does it cost my company?

There are no out-of-pocket costs! No capital, no IT resources—no costs. Not only that, when you look at your performance against budget, you’ll show REVENUE. CSI can have you up and running in just a few weeks, and by the end of your fiscal year, you’ll be showing measurable results. Most importantly, it will not cost your company anything.

How secure are the payments?

Security is something you can always count on with CSI. They have more than 30 years’ experience, currently provide payment solutions to world-leading brands, and are fully PCI compliant. The benefits of virtual cards are they enable a single-use for a specific amount—much like a check. Once your vendor completes the transaction, the credit card number becomes invalid. This eliminates the ability to hack a stored card number. Also know that CSI’s system mirrors your existing workflow process and delivers MORE levels of control.

How do the rebates with this program compare to the competitors, particularly my bank?

We are competitive with any provider of an Integrated Payments platform. What sets us apart is our ability to drive significant incremental volume over other solutions. A competitive rate plus a higher volume of spend penetration equals higher value for CSI customers.