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Import invoices from your accounting system directly to OpenInvoice with Supplier Link to eliminate double entry of invoices, reduce errors and save time.
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Handle More Invoices - With Higher Efficiency

Managing invoices can be time-consuming, especially when customers have different submission rules. Supplier Link pulls invoices from your accounting application and imports them directly into OpenInvoice so you can:

  • Save time and effort
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Increase your ability to scale up operations
Handle More Invoices - With Higher Efficiency

Watch this video to see how OpenInvoice Supplier Link can work for you.

Submitting Invoices is as Easy as 1-2-3

OpenInvoice Supplier Link allows you to import invoices created in your accounting system into the OpenInvoice application using the Supplier Link portal. For QuickBooks desktop or online users, link your application to OpenInvoice. If you don’t have QuickBooks you can batch upload invoices from most accounting systems to OpenInvoice.

  • Step 1 – Import the invoices from your accounting system into OpenInvoice Supplier Link
  • Step 2 – Validate the invoices against your customer’s requirements and add any missing information
  • Step 3 – Submit the invoices to OpenInvoice

Watch Supplier Link in Action

QuickBooks Demo

File Import Demo

Why Users Like Supplier Link

“I was manually entering hundreds of invoices a week which took a ton of my time, Supplier Link has eliminated that problem leaving me time to focus on a lot of other tasks that were on the back burner.”

Tish, Randy’s Trucking

“Thanks to Supplier Link, I am able to easily upload more than 100 invoices to OpenInvoice within minutes. I can’t imagine submitting invoices any other way.”

Michael, LoneTree Energy

With Supplier Link, we love that we don’t have to input invoices twice! Its made our invoicing process so much easier and faster!

Aaron, I&A Oilfield Services

“The amount of time I have been able to save using OpenInvoice Supplier Link allows me to spend more time taking care of my customers, and less time worrying about submitting invoices.”

Blake, Wind River Oil Services

Supplier Link Pricing

Whether you have a lot of invoices or a few invoices with a lot of detail, Supplier Link reduces the time it takes to enter invoices into two systems. For $200/month, the simple subscription has no limitations to the number of invoices you can submit, the number of customers you can submit to, or the number of users you can have.