Owner Relations Management Services

Outsource your owner, vendor, and partner support and free up your in-house staff for higher-value tasks. Our services offer oil & gas operators turnkey support options including an Owner Portal, Call Center Services, and Print and Mail Services. Regardless of how your stakeholders prefer to communicate — phone, email, online, or snail mail — we’ve got you covered.
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Stay True to Your Mission

Supporting your owners and working interest partners is critical. Fielding owner calls and emails, distributing royalty checks, and mailing statements are time-consuming. Often, these responsibilities fall on Land and Accounting staff who have more strategic tasks to perform, such as identifying new lease opportunities or preparing quarterly reports to inform business decisions.

Helping operators provide better support to their owners and partners is what we do. Let us focus on your owners, so you can focus on your business.

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Your One Source for Everything Owner Relations

Our Owner Portals, Call Center Services, Print and Mail Services (including Payment Services) and Data Exchange Applications work together to allow operators to streamline owner and partner support. Regardless of how your owners and partners prefer to communicate – phone, email, online or snail mail – we’ve got you covered.

Your One Source for Everything Owner Relations
Owner Portals

Owner Portals

Eliminate up to 75% of owner relations support time and costs by providing your owners and partners with secure, convenient access to their statements via a custom-branded Owner Portal.

With over 3.5 million users, we have the largest network of interest owner web portals in the industry.

  • Provide access to virtually any statement – revenue check detail, JIBs, tax documents – plus change of contacts, ACH, FAQs and more. Your owners and partners can securely access their information anytime, from any web-enabled device.
  • Eliminate paper. Portals encourage owners to stop paper, instead accessing statements electronically, and to sign-up for ACH/ePayments, positively impacting your time and bottom line. You’ll also cut down on the time and expense of unnecessary calls, printing and mailing.
  •  Oildex develops, hosts, monitors and maintains your portal, providing support to both you and your users. We employ industry-standard controls and best practice frameworks to proactively ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.
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Call Center Services

Call Center Services

Reduce your owner and partner call volume by up to 80% by utilizing our Call Center Services. Unlike other call centers, when you outsource your support to our experienced agents, your stakeholders speak with live people, many with over 15 years of oil & gas land or accounting experience. Our agents have a proven track record of resolving up to 80% of callers’ issues on the initial call, without ever involving the operator.

  • Opt to let us manage 100% of your calls or serve as overflow support for your existing staff.
  • Flexible pricing lets you scale up or down for fluctuating call volumes-such as 1099 season, acquisitions, price fluctuations, or tax season-without expanding or contracting your staff.
  • Free up your Land and Revenue personnel to focus on higher-value tasks that directly impact your bottom line while providing knowledgeable support to your owners and partners.
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    Print and Mail Services

    Print and Mail Services

    Dramatically improve your staff productivity by partnering with Oildex to print and mail checks, statements and other documents. Our Print and Mail Services are available on demand; you pay only for the services you use. No job is too large, small or complex.

    • We print and mail all types of documents, from one-time communications, such as acquisition letters and ACH signup forms, to royalty checks and common monthly and seasonal statements, like check detail, JIBs and 1099s.
    • Easily ramp up for peak demands, including surrounding acquisitions, price fluctuations and tax season, without adding staff.
    • Take advantage of volume pricing. Every year, we mail over 700,000 checks and statements for our clients, and the number is growing!
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