OpenTicket, a cloud-based field ticket management solution, empowers operators and suppliers to generate, review, and approve digital field tickets for faster invoice approvals and payment.
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Calculate Your Annual Savings With AP Automation!

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Video: Concho Resources Uses OpenTicket To Improve Processes And Gain Visibility Into Operations

Video: Concho Resources Uses OpenTicket To Improve Processes And Gain Visibility Into Operations

What Is OpenTicket?

Jetta Operating OpenTicket Case Study

Jetta Operating Company Shortens Approval Times And Increases Spend Visibility With OpenTicket

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Five Issues with the Paper Field Ticket Process

The paper field ticket – operators need them to track services received, and service providers use them to document services delivered and for invoicing. As commonplace as they are, the paper field ticket process causes issues for operations, finance, supply chain, and service providers.

  • Safety – The number one cause of fatalities in the oil & gas industry is transportation incidents. With paper field tickets, both service providers and operators travel to and from drop-off locations putting more vehicles and personnel on the road and increasing the risk of transportation incidents.
  • Change management – While operators and service providers see benefits in digitalization, they all still use paper field tickets. Since the process is inherently collaborative, no single operator nor service provider can digitalize the entire ecosystem on their own, even if they wanted to.
  • Analytics – Companies rely on analytics to make critical business decisions, but information on paper field tickets – even scanned as a PDF or with OCR – is not data. It’s not possible to be data-driven without data.
  • Availability – For lease operating expense (LOE) management, it can take weeks for a paper field ticket to be approved and processed for invoicing, meaning vital information such as services delivered and spend is not readily available.
  • Processing time – Industry data shows it takes an average 34 days from service completion to invoice approval, which can impact operator/supplier relationships and even jeopardize opportunities for early pay discounts.

Digital Field Ticket Process

OpenTicket digitalizes the field ticket process. A complete end-to-end solution, it tackles the challenges and issues of paper field tickets by enabling operators and service providers to collaborate to generate, review, and approve digital field tickets. By digitalizing the entire process, OpenTicket addresses the five most critical issues with the paper field ticket process.

For Operators & Service Providers

With online portals for both operators and service providers, OpenInvoice integration, a cloud-based collaborative workflow engine, integration APIs, and a dedicated mobile application, OpenTicket is a complete solution for both service providers generating and submitting field tickets, as well as operators reviewing and approving field tickets.

For Operators & Service Providers

Mobile and Internet Technologies Reduce Travel and HSE Risk

Mobile and Internet Technologies Reduce Travel and HSE Risk

Because OpenTicket uses mobile and internet technologies, it eliminates unnecessary travel dropping off and picking up paper field tickets. With OpenTicket Mobile, service providers can create digital field tickets anytime and anywhere, even when offline. Operators can approve tickets through the OpenTicket buyer portal. That means fewer vehicles and crew on the road and less risk of travel incidents.

Analyzable Data Improves Decision Making

When a field ticket is created digitally in OpenTicket, all the information is analyzable, making it an invaluable asset for data-driven decisions. For Drilling & Completions operations, ticket data can be exported from OpenTicket and imported to leading morning reporting systems, providing accurate cost information in morning reports.

Analyzable Data Improves Decision Making

Extended Team Improves Visibility

Extended Team Improves Visibility

During LOE operations, when a service provider completes work and submits digital field tickets, the visibility to services delivered and the cost is available in near real-time to the field supervisor. With OpenTicket, service providers become “Virtual Company Men,” giving the actual Company Man the ability to see everything happening in their region simultaneously.

Optimized Processing Means Faster Payment

What once took weeks to generate, a payment can now be made in days if not hours. With new processing improvements such as reconciliation with price books, purchase/work orders, and cost center and AFE allocation, OpenTicket can decrease the time from field ticket creation and approval to invoicing and payment.

Optimized Processing Means Faster Payment

What Users Are Saying

“OpenTicket is integral in getting more granularity in the data, having that detail and transparency from the vendor and our field staff. It allows us to better assess where problems are.”

Lisa Howland, Crescent Point – Manager, Operations Accounting

“We needed something that was going to be quicker turnaround, not just for us but for our vendors as well. If vendors get paid on time, that means our budget is correct. We wanted something that was more automated because that’s the way that the world’s going now. Everything’s electronic.”

Karla Ennis, Anadarko – Field Business Process Manager

“With OpenTicket we can rely on the data coming in from one electronic source – no more keying in a second source, so entry error goes away. And that labor cost goes away. And then we’re measuring that against the invoice, and from there against the actuals, creating a holistic ‘from start to finish’ report. Ticket data can become more of a source of truth rather than being an estimate.”

James Zimon, Crescent Point – Supervisor, eInvoicing & Accounts Payable

Want to Learn More about <i>OpenTicket</i>?

Want to Learn More about OpenTicket?

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