Spend Management

OpenInvoice ensures money won’t fall through the cracks with item-level detail, automated reconciliation workflow, and spend analysis reporting.

Control Fraud and Spend Leakage

Track purchase order fulfillment and automatically reconcile invoices to purchase orders and pricing agreements. When you automate your invoice workflow based on the reconciliation and compliance results, you can enforce compliance at time of the invoice submission instead of at year-end audits.

Control Fraud and Spend Leakage

Improve Supplier Collaboration

OpenInvoice makes it easy for suppliers to submit compliant invoices by allowing them to connect their work management system to OpenInvoice to receive electronic purchase orders and pricing agreements. Suppliers are immediately notified when you send purchase orders or publish pricing agreements. You can improve collaboration further by allowing suppliers to acknowledge purchase orders and propose changes.

Reporting and Analysis

OpenInvoice allows you to analyze which suppliers are honoring their pricing agreements and identify non-compliant invoices that were approved for payment. OpenInvoice’s robust reporting allows you to track complex pricing and analyze whether you’re receiving the services that you’re paying for.