Field Ticket

OpenInvoice is the only fully integrated ticket and invoice platform providing automated reconciliation and compliance. Field Ticket replaces hand-written, error-prone, paper tickets with an electronic real-time ticketing system.

The Downfalls of Paper Field Tickets

Hand-written, error-prone field tickets are one of the biggest obstacles for a smooth running business.

  • It costs a total of $9.69 in labor for an operator to review and process each field ticket
  • Companies average 22 days spend visibility delay from work performed to invoice received
  • Companies average 14 days cycle time to review, code, and approve each invoice

Save Time and Money with Automation

Eliminate the paper and significantly reduce administrative load and get down to the business that matters.

OpenInvoice can save you:

  • 50% less time doing paperwork
  • 67% reduction in field ticket processing labor costs, saving $6.44 per ticket
  • 50% reduction in invoice cycle time allowing more early pay discounts to be captured
Save Time and Money with Automation


Capture critical data as the work is performed for in depth reporting and analysis. Use the data to build reporting and monitoring systems that allow for early identification of billing issues before your year-end audit. The resulting alerts and notifications allow for identified issues to be resolved without having to go through a costly recovery process.

Connect the field to the office

OpenInvoice makes it easy to connect the field to the office. Field supervisors can review, code, and approve tickets anytime, anywhere using internet-enabled devices. When OpenInvoice is connected to your reporting system, you gain real-time spend visibility, improving the timeliness and accuracy of your daily cost reports while reducing the time, cost, and effort of manually keying information into the reporting system.


OpenInvoice automatically copies all field ticket information, including coding, to the invoice. Invoices are automatically reconciled and validated to ticket information before submission. When you automate your invoice workflow based on the reconciliation and compliance results, your accounts payable team can focus on the exceptions and reduce your overall invoice cycle time, allowing you to earn more early pay discounts.

Improve Supplier Collaboration

OpenInvoice makes it easy for suppliers to manage their business by allowing them to connect their work management system to OpenInvoice and send ticket data electronically. Tickets are automatically routed to the correct approver, providing suppliers with real-time visibility into the ticket approval process. Pre-populated invoices with approved coding and ticket information make it easy for suppliers to submit compliant invoices.

Crescent Point Energy Realizes Immediate Cost Savings and Process Improvement with Field Ticket

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Want to Learn More about Field Ticket Automation?

Want to Learn More about Field Ticket Automation?

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