Accounts Payable

Is your AP department still tied to inefficient, manual, paper-based processes?  Are you bogged down by too many invoices, too much paper – are they driving costs too high? Do you want to optimize your workflow using 21st century technology to help reduce your costs, scale more effectively and improve your visibility into cash management? Oildex can help.

Oildex’s accounts payable software leverages tens of thousands of oil and gas supplier connections to deliver electronic invoices through the Oildex platform. Within the Oildex ePayables cloud, operators are able to streamline the receipt, coding, routing and approval of supplier invoices, providing the opportunity to take early payment discounts and achieve other cost savings. Oildex’s OpenInvoice e-Invoicing is easy-to-use, integrates with accounting and ERP systems and can help companies dramatically improve workflow while reducing costly errors and delays.

An Engaged, Participating Supplier Network

To reach your ROI, you need an engaged supplier network actively sending invoices electronically through an accounts payable software. Oildex provides proactive supplier onboarding with:

  • Various e-Invoice submission options for any size supplier
  • Proactive recruitment using email, multiple calls, daily training and a support line
  • Services are provided to suppliers to encourage participation

Better Visibility via a Tight Integration to your ERP

With ten points of integration into your ERP system, Oildex delivers better visibility for executives and faster, more efficient workflow for the A/P department.

Focused on the Unique Needs of Oil & Gas

Oildex was founded by oil and gas industry experts who understood the challenges faced by oil and gas companies in transactional processing of various documents for partners, suppliers and owners.  The Oildex solutions include industry-specific functionality that you won’t see in a general AP workflow solution.  Billing costs to JIB decks, and an oil and gas specific supplier network, are only two of the many components of the Oildex accounts payable software solution that separates it from those outside the industry.  Why choose a generic solution when you can select one designed explicitly for oil and gas?

Features and Functionality

  • Purchase Order three-way match
  • Price Lists
  • 100% paperless optionSAP_Certification
  • Mobile approval
  • Subscription and ad-hoc reporting
  • Certified integration with SAP ERP 6.0
  • Post invoices to the Oildex Owner Relations Connect portal

Learn more at on how you can optimize your workflow to reduce costs, easily scale and improve your visibility into cash flow.