Turn your AP process into a strategic business asset

The Paper Invoice Problem

Have you ever lost sight of someone in your AP department because they’re buried underneath the stacks of paper on their desk?  Are invoice processing inefficiencies and errors consuming your company’s resources, effectively blinding you to your cost liabilities and causing disputes or late payments that negatively affect your company’s relationship with critical suppliers or joint venture partners?

Oildex can help oil and gas operators with invoice processing software like Oildex’s Spendworks or JIB Connect solve these ePayables issues.  

Cloud-based Exchange & Workflow Integration

Oildex provides centralized solutions eliminating paper processing for supplier invoices or joint interest bills including electronic delivery and streamlined workflow procedures.

  • 100% electronic invoicing coverage for supplier invoices
  • Reduced coding errors and overpayment
  • Tight integration with leading ERP/Accounting systems

Oildex’s software reduces invoice processing costs by up to 70%.

Near Real Time Visibility

Our solutions improve your visibility with up-to-the-minute cost data for better capital management. Improve your analysis by ensuring the right costs are allocated to the correct properties, account codes and AFEs

  • Reduced invoice processing time by as much as 89%

An Extensive Oil and Gas Community of Supplier and Owners

We help increase collaboration with the largest oil and gas specific network of electronic suppliers and proactive onboarding program with the goal of participation and delivery, not just connection.

  • Attain a fast ROI when you receive a high ratio of invoices electronically

Maintain Good Supplier and Partner Relations

You can enjoy more profitable business relationships with your critical suppliers and partners through better collaboration, improved visibility into your invoice process, quicker dispute resolution and faster payment.

  • Eliminate late fees and capture early payment discounts

Learn how your business can turn its AP process into a strategic business asset by visiting our Spendworks page or our JIB Connect page