Exchange revenue and ownership information

We’ve sent a man to the moon. We carry in our pockets, phones smarter than many of us could have imagined. Fiber optic networks have the capacity to transmit entire libraries of content in milliseconds. So why, in oil and gas, are we ignoring the computer age when it comes to exchanging, managing and communicating the large volume of partner and  royalty ownership information needing distribution?

Oildex seeks to modernize oil and gas revenue accounting and owner relations through our portfolio of revenue data exchange services.

Oildex’s Electronic Revenue and Ownership Exchange

Oildex improves the way oil and gas distributes, accesses and manages data.

Oildex’s solutions:

  • Automates the exchange of check stub, crude oil, gas balancing, and gas plant detail
  • Eliminates check stub and paper-based processing
  • Provides a centralized, repository of ownership information, including self-directed support resources: monthly statements of revenue, payout, gas balancing data, oil run statements, joint interest bills (JIBs), invoices, 1099s and more

80% of all revenue data in the North American oil and gas industry flows through Oildex’s network. And more than 1,300,000 royalty owner connections access their ownership detail through the Oildex platform.

Communicate Efficiently through our Owner Relations Connect Portal

Eliminate the struggle of unwieldy communications with a platform that’s easy to adopt, delivers an extensive oil and gas community at your fingertips and provides unsurpassed industry expertise and service quality.

Ensuring SOX Compliance

For nine consecutive years Oildex has invested in a SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II report -which means we have continually completed the audit required by banks and large, publicly traded companies to assure necessary transparency into operational controls and procedures. With Oildex, it’s easy to trust our financial data.

Learn how your business can efficiently manage revenue and ownership detail by visiting our CDEX Exchange page and our Owner and Partner page