Participate in e-Invoicing to improve cash flow and invoice visibility

Your customer has requested you submit invoices electronically, and while you want to keep your customer happy, you’re not sure you have the time or ability to change your current process.

At Oildex, we make it easy for suppliers to participate in e-Invoicing.  Our electronic invoicing software is free to suppliers and will provide reduced DSO and faster dispute resolution. You may even find that when you use Oildex, it will improve the relationship with your customer.

Electronic Invoicing Software

Suppliers dramatically reduce their DSO and maintain healthy business relations by becoming a part of the oil and gas B2B community and delivering electronic invoices to their customers. Oildex’s electronic invoicing software:

  • Reduces DSO by up to 66%
  • Provides visibility into invoice status and payment
  • Ensures invoices are complete and problem free
  • Facilitates more profitable business relationships
  • Aids in customer dispute resolution
  • Saves handling costs, paper and postage

73% believe that B2B networks enhance collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

Free Supplier Onboarding

Oildex’s Supplier Onboarding team is the best in the industry.  We proactively reach out to suppliers to walk them through the e-Invoicing process, discuss the various submission options and help choose the best option to fit their business needs.  The team provides daily training on the application and answers the support line, too.  And all of this is free to suppliers.  

Several Options for Submitting Invoices include

  • Oildex Webform
  • Quickbooks Interface (Subscription Fee Required)
  • CSV File
  • EDI 810

Click here to learn how your business can participate in e-Invoicing to reduce DSO and improve cash flow.