Call Center Support Services

Realize More Profitable and Reliable Business Relations.

Better manage your costs, enhance owner satisfaction and realize up to 50% savings in time spent addressing owner inquiries with Oildex Owner Relations Call Center Support Services.

Oildex can manage 100% of your owner calls or simply serve in an overflow capacity to assist your existing staff ensuring all calls are answered during business hours. Our experienced staff, many with over 15 years direct land and/or accounting experience, and our state-of-the-art technology, allowing complete customization of the call routing, management and reporting process, assures your owners receive the highest quality care.

Our dynamic pricing model means your cost is directly related to call volume. Oildex offers a unique one month trial to provide a detailed assessment of the true number and nature of your owner calls. At the end of the trial, you are provided with a comprehensive report enabling you to make an informed, objective decision based on facts.

Call Center Support Services:

  • Live call answering
  • Flexibility and scanning
  • Industry experts
  • Customization
  • Advanced technology
  • Reporting
  • Flexible pricing

Additional Owner Relations Management Solutions:

  • Custom-branded web portals
  • Check processing
  • Mail service
  • Electronic data exchange
  • Automated check detail phone service

Take advantage of our one month trial to assess your owner call needs. For more information or to schedule a live demonstration, 1.888.922.1222 OPTION 3 | INFO@OILDEX.COM

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