“Patches” Are Not Just for Jeans



October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Much of the focus during the entire month is to help people understand how they can be safer and more secure online and remind them of our shared responsibility around cybersecurity.

In this technological world, it has become the norm for us to have various types of “connected” devices. Each of these devices likely have several different software apps you use and rely on to stay productive. Some of us also carry a digital information footprint on our devices that contain important information such as finances, medical or other personal files; including photographs. If we do not keep our devices and software apps up-to-date, huge “digital windows” are left open. This update process is known as, “patching.”

When was the last time you applied the latest security patches to your devices and software apps?

Most of our personal systems and software are supported in some fashion. Patches are often released to fix performance issues, improve your user experience and plug known security holes. Sometimes these happen automatically or they prompt you to install them based on your personal preference. One way to protect our information is by simply patching.

Though not everything out there has options for patching, the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) reiterates that patching known vulnerabilities is still a highly effective deterrent to attacks when available. In fact, many vulnerabilities are still exploited more than a year after a security patch was released for them — Meaning, the security patch was out there, but the update did not happen, causing an issue and an easy target for cyber criminals. If we pay close attention to patching our devices and software apps, we may be able to avoid the vast majority of exploits that cyber criminals take advantage of. In other words, patch promptly and often.

Oildex is committed to protecting our customer information and has a formalized patch management policy each customer receives behind the scenes.