Oilfield Services Suite Software Updates: March 2018


Spring represents new life, with flowers blooming and warmer temperatures. It also corresponds to our newest presentation of the latest updates in the Oilfield Services Suite platform. We are continually striving to improve the software, offering our customers exciting new features to maximize the functionality of the platform.

Admin Software Updates:

  • Now added to the Customer Detail screen under Customer Name is a text field labeled ‘Customer ID’.
  • We have added a Tenant switch to show “Hours Worked” on the Field Ticket pdfs, which will appear TRUE by default. If FALSE is selected, the “Hours Worked” will not appear on the pdf.
  • In Imports>Consumables, the “Part #” field has been added to the Consumables Import.
  • In Imports>Services, a column has been added for ‘QB Item’ to Services Import.

Buyer Portal Updates: We have expanded the framework for graphs & reports on the Buyer Portal. New elements include:

  • Water Hauling Metrics (on the dashboard)
  • Source/Destination added as filters
  • Volume, by Supplier/Source/Destination
  • Cost per BBL, by Supplier/Source/Destination
  • Additional reports, including ‘Supplier Users Count’ and a Report showing Suppliers and Quantity for Suppliers with both a Customer Record and a DUNS number which matches the DUNS of the Customer’s report.

Equipment Module Update:

  • On the Detail screen, Custom Forms which are associated with an Equipment record in a grid are shown.
  • “Job #” has also been added to the Equipment grid.
  • Within Tools, we have added a ‘Remarks’ attribute to the Tool record and now allow the role of ‘EquipmentUser’ to edit and save changes to the ‘Remarks’ field, as well as to the ‘Equipment Status” field.

Field CRM Update:

  • Opportunities Screen—a “duplicate” button has been added

Forms Grid Update:

  • The “Manager” field has been added to the grid for all forms and is an included field on Form Export.

Consumables Update:

  • We have added roles for ConsumablesAdmin and ConsumablesUser, providing full access to create, edit and delete to the ConsumablesAdmin and the ability to update Qty and Price for ConsumablesUser roles.
  • In the Consumables Record, we have added a new attribute labeled ‘Part #’ and to the text field on the Consumables Detail screen, a text field has been added also labeled ‘Part #’.

Reports Update:

  • A new report has been added titled “Employee Hours by Ticket” to allow your HR team to know precisely how many hours have been spent on a specific ticket.

Providing users with regular updates is just one more way that Oildex showcases its commitment to the success of Oilfield Services Suite users. By modifying and improving upon our modules, Oildex can offer a progressive platform which meets the needs of customers. The Oilfield Services Suite provides companies with a one-stop solution, integrating several needs into a single platform of individual modules to meet the needs of specific organizations, and brings insight and intelligence to oilfield service organizations.