Oilfield Services Suite Software Updates: February 2018


It’s the New Year and we are starting off right with some exciting updates to our Oilfield Services Suite platform! We have added some new features to improve the practicality of the OSS modules.

Software Updates on the Home Screen:

  • To ensure all users are aware of system updates, allowing them to respond to changes, the System Updates screen will be visible to all users, regardless of their role.
  • Additionally, all weekly software updates will be posted here instead of sending an email notification; this guarantees that users are aware of updates, thereby avoiding those users who may not have checked email recently.

Software Updates in the Equipment Module:

  • In the Tool/Tool Box Transfer Notification screen, the column header name has been changed from “Name” to “Tool” or “Toolbox”, depending on the type of transfer.
  • In the grid of the mail, we have added a column to display “To”, providing a bit more personalization to your notifications.
  • A “Tool Transfer History” section has been added to the bottom of the “Tool Edit” screen, offering a more complete history of individual tool usage.
  • The “enter” key has been activated to execute the search functionality.

Oildex is committed to providing users with updates on a regular basis, to improve the functionality of the Oilfield Services Suite platform for our users, and to make changes to grow with the customer experience! The Oilfield Services Suite provides companies with a one-stop solution, integrating several needs into a single platform of individual modules to meet the needs of specific organizations, and brings insight and intelligence to oilfield service organizations.