The Importance of Documentation in Field Service


Field service is touted as the future of the service industry, and many leaders will quote the ability to track technicians and provide detailed location information to customers and the most valuable benefit of this change in approach. But one of the most valuable advantages to the company instituting a mobile field service program is in the sheer reduction of paperwork. From sales to field technicians, warehouse managers to human resources teams, the paperwork involved in oilfield services is varied; it may cover multiple aspects of this dynamic industry, is often handwritten, and can be easily lost between the job site (up to hundreds of miles away) and the office.

What E-Documentation Brings to the Table for Oilfield Services

Electronic documentation, therefore, can reduce the load of multiple areas of oilfield services, providing team members the freedom to review work details, provide requests and authorizations, verify equipment and machinery inventory, and even monitor compliance with varying regulations. Data compliance is an increasing concern in many industries, and electronic documentation will allow companies to deepen the data they manage while meeting expanding regulations across government entities and industries. Retention of information is strengthened while destruction of expired and unnecessary documents is handled smoothly without the bulk of paperwork.

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite Software Provides Answers to Field Service Electronic Documentation Needs

In response to the rising demand for integrated software for oilfield service companies, Oildex provides a suite of software modules to address the various needs of the oilfield services industry. This provides company-wide optimization, with increases in efficiency and productivity felt in all departments, including:

Lost Leads and Prospects?

The Oilfield Services CRM module provides a centralized solution for your sales team, providing them with the contact management automation which allows them to follow leads from initial contact to closing. No longer bogged down with notepads and static spreadsheets of sales prospects, your executive team can view all contacts from any device, sorting them by sales person and region, preventing missed opportunities from this unorganized nature of paperwork. Additionally, email notifications keep leads fresh and exportable reports provide better forecasting.

Inaccurate Paper Field Tickets?

The Oilfield Services Field Ticketing module allows management a view of each job, open, completed, and even invoiced. Track oilfield service technicians and increase productivity by sending them on the shortest route between jobsites. Real-time updates give technicians immediate visibility of job details, revisions, and circumstances specific to the job at hand. Electronic assignments allow supervisors to put the right technician and equipment on the job, preventing mistakes which can cause further downtime. Offline capability means that work doesn’t stop when in remote area, as the information is synced when service is returned.

Arm your Technicians with a Field Ticket Application.

Improve the mobility and accuracy of your oilfield technicians with the Oilfield Services OpenTicket module, providing them with the ability to enter job details on their mobile devices and send back immediately to the office for approval and invoicing, reducing day sales outstanding.

Stay on Top of Safety Compliance.

With crews spread across multiple sites, regions—even states—HSE managers may struggle to maintain compliance and certifications company-wide with paper forms. With the Oilfield Services Safety module, an easy-to-use dashboard provides a clear view of qualifications and certifications, and expirations are prevented with email notifications. Safety reports are completed electronically, reducing human error and enabling faster reporting of safety issues and site condition notes. Safety standards are available for employee referencing so team members have information always at their fingertips, and performance reports are available for the executive team to stay informed of the company’s results.

Struggling to Get Equipment to the Jobsite?

When your oilfield service technician shows up at the job site, will he arrive with the correct tools and equipment to complete the request? The Oilfield Services Equipment module provides real-time data on usage and maintenance of equipment and allows you to assign tools into toolboxes, and the correct equipment and parts to a job. The maintenance and utilization calendars provide visibility of your company’s assets, so you can schedule repairs and replacements as needed.

Reduce Unaccountable Consumables Use.

The nature of oilfield services requires a list of consumable materials, including lubricants, oils, and a variety of items necessary in most repairs. The electronic documentation with the Oilfield Services Consumable module allows technicians to bill these items at the job site, reducing losses from unaccountable use, as well as improving inventory accuracy and improved forecasting and ordering.

Maintain Rental Fleet More Efficiently.

Monitoring the scheduling, location, and condition of your rental fleet is improved with the Oilfield Services Rental module real-time updates, accurate locations, and electronic notifications. Details, including descriptions, serial numbers, and photographs provide immediate data necessary to manage your rental business productively.

Manage Employee Time Quickly and With Greater Accuracy.

Oilfield service teams work long hours in the field, which makes timesheet management a challenge. The Oilfield Services Timesheet module provides the human resource team with ability to electronically allocate hours correctly, to the right job, accounting for unusual circumstances like overtime, per diem, and bonuses. Custom forms work for your company’s specific needs, and exporting options allow for customized reports management teams need for budgeting.

Improve Purchasing Process with Real-Time Approvals and Monitoring.

With teams located in multiple job sites, gaps in purchasing can get out of hand. The Oilfield Services Purchasing module provides the real-time purchase order management to keep your team on top of orders at every step of the process. Customized reports allow management a real-time view of key financial indicators, enable digital approvals, and improve short- and long-term planning.

Complete Package of Electronic Documentation Options

There are so many benefits that oilfield service management software can provide beyond lost paperwork—many of them easy to see. As visibility of information and data increases in the oilfield service industry, better decisions can be made, both for improved productivity and customer satisfaction. Reducing error, improving job completion and safety performance, and streamlining operations across all departments, are all tangible advancements gained with electronic documentation. Combined with cloud-based applications and real-time reporting, Oildex Oilfield Services Suite provides a host of solutions designed to work together, creating a complete solution for your oilfield service needs.


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