What to Consider When Putting Field Mobility in Action


The term “Field Mobility” has become the norm for service industries. Oilfield service technicians and repairmen spend much of their time in the “field,” providing service to your customers and generally being the PR and face of your company. Why not provide them with the tools to do their job more efficiently, saving your team time and money? The cost of NOT having a connected field staff is high: repeat visits, inaccurate work orders, redundant communication, and loss of time returning to office/site, just to name a few. Additionally, it is not as difficult to implement a mobility solution once you have laid the groundwork. Here are some steps to getting your organization ready for the plunge:

Prepare Your Team

Your field technicians need products that complement their work environment without spending a lot of time learning to utilize something new, especially when extensive training may be involved. Most consumers have at least one smartphone or tablet in their possession, so investing in a platform which allows them to use what they are already comfortable with increases success and satisfaction. Field technicians are doing just that—working in the field—and need to be nimble, with a program that allows quick (and remote) access to work orders, job specifications, and even authorizations and order requests and notifications.

Be a Cheerleader

If you have a platform in mind, take the time to motivate your team for the changes you plan; the drive to digital change needs to be embraced from the top down, and it’s up to management to express this as a core objective to the company. As the workforce is becoming younger, you will likely find your staff excited to utilize the mobility they already use outside of work! Explain to them how easily they can move to the new system. The Oildex Oilfield Services Suite is an intuitive program, requiring no extensive training and easily accessible from the office to the jobsite. Its extensive list of integrations allows for seamless transition from your current ERP system to the new platform, providing field mobility.

No Major Overhaul of Processes

Today’s digital solutions meld easily with your existing processes and procedures, but now is the perfect time to perform an audit. Make updates for the new “normal”: paperless transactions, detailed reports accessible by any location, electronic document sharing, and email or messaging notifications all bring the office to the field in terms of information sharing. Transparency is heightened when your data is shared across all devices, making decision-making faster and more effective with more accurate reporting and advanced analytics.

Ready, Set, Jump to the Cloud

It seems everyone has information in “the cloud.” One of the greatest advantages to establishing a cloud-based service is the accessibility of data, making it ideal for field-based operations. Your technicians are often found hours, even days away from the office, and tickets (both new, in progress, and completed) are hanging in the balance. Providing field mobility to your technicians gives them the ability to process information and return it to the office without a drive, a fax machine, or even a telephone call, improving DSO and reducing human error. Your team will appreciate the offline capabilities Oildex OSS provides, so they can remain on top of their jobs, without the extensive time spent filling out paper tickets; all data entered while offline is synced once team members return to coverage.

Think about Tomorrow, Today

Choosing the right system is crucial; although it is critical to select the software which will fit the needs of your business today, the future must always be in sight. The advantages you will gain with field mobility can provide the room to offer additional services, increase your clientele, or even build up your presence in a new region. Scalability should be considered when investigating a software solution, as once technologies become common, you may not be prepared for the disruptions which can occur and be left behind. Gather insight from different departments to ensure all your teams’ needs are met. Lastly, ask the tough questions of the sales rep. Will this system work for us if we change X, add Y service, or increase operations in Z region? The Oildex team can help you plan for future needs, growing with you as you make comprehensive use of the new system you are looking at.

Keep Your Customer in the Loop

Don’t forget your customer in the process; you need to sell the “new you” to them, keeping them engaged and proving the benefits of the new system you are embracing. Explain to the customer how field mobility provides a more personalized approach, equating to better service and quicker billing. Automation and electronic notification show the customer their value to your team, increasing customer confidence in your company’s ability to provide top-notch service. More accurate billing and electronic invoicing reduce DSO, improving profitability.

Be Prepared for Field Mobility

These steps are not only useful for preparing for field mobility, but also provide management with ideas of gathering your team for any major changes in infrastructure, processes, or to instigate system updates. The Oilfield Services Suite is designed for a smooth transition, with an intuitive, user friendly dashboard, modules created for different oilfield service needs, and both mobile and offline capabilities to provide true real-time reporting and data entry. Look to Oilfield Services Suite for affordable solutions that provide your entire team, from the boardroom to the field site, with data to connect your processes and people together.


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