Best Practices & Big News Shared at 2018 Oildex User Conference

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oildex user conference park city 2018

If you hang out for any length of time at the Oildex offices, the chances are 100% that you’ll hear the word ‘customer’ – probably more than once. That’s not accidental. One of our main core values is ‘Love our Customers’ and for us that means taking every chance we can to interact and learn from those who use our product every day.

The personification of that attitude came recently at our Annual User Conference, where over 300 people gathered in Park City, UT to talk about all things Oildex as part of the community that our products create. For us the conference had innumerable highlights, but there are three main ones we’d like to highlight here.

Spotlight Sessions

The first was our ‘Spotlight’ sessions where we literally brought out the whiteboards and brainstormed with customers about ways that we could improve our products to serve specific business needs. Having products that were built for oil and gas gives us a distinct advantage because not only do we understand the industry, our applications were built with features that are specific to customer’s needs; but the chance to roll up our sleeves directly with users and talk about ways that they use our products, and possible ways that we can make it better for them or anticipate where the industry is heading, is one of the most important things that we can do for our users.

Customers Sharing Their Best Practices

Another highlight, and something new that we tried this year, was having sessions where we had our customers directly present to other customers about how they were using Oildex products to their best advantage. We’re consistently surprised by how open companies are in the oil and gas industry when it comes to sharing information on best practices and how to get the most from an application, and our conference was no exception. But we weren’t doing this for the PR value – after all, generally everyone in the room was already our customer, so we weren’t in prospecting mode, we were in sharing and learning mode which put an entirely different spin on these sessions. And the feedback we received about the value of these sessions was over 100% positive (we get to say ‘over 100%’ because we had several companies tell us how valuable it was to them in more than one way). The same goes with our partners who were on hand to present their solutions and how they fit with Oildex products to bring value to the users – our customers saw a tangible value in bringing together two of their vendors to talk about how to work more effectively and more efficiently.

Exciting News for Oildex Customers

But the main highlight for us was getting to share our big news, that we were purchased–just a week earlier!–by Drillinginfo (you can read the press release about that here). The reaction was overwhelmingly positive because of the immediate synergies and scale that the deal brings to our customers. It’s a perfect fit for what both companies bring to the table and what can be developed to serve specific needs that neither company could do on their own.

So… final thoughts. This was by far our most successful and productive User Conference ever, based on all measures–the feedback we’ve received and what we’ve learned. (Check out this video recap of the conference.) Again, we’d like to thank everyone who attended, assure them how much we appreciate their business and their feedback (which helps us improve for them), and say how excited we are to start the planning process for next year…which as Drillinginfo, will be even better.