Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning- what’s the difference?

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Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

There are several “buzzwords” about technology that can cause some confusion. A couple of tech terms you may have heard lately are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). AI and ML can seem very technical at first glance and are sometimes used interchangeably – hence the confusion. I thought this month’s blog would be a great opportunity to help make these terms a bit more understandable and talk about what Oildex is doing in this area.

AI— is generally about getting machines to perform tasks we usually do. This includes understanding language, recognizing objects and sounds, learning, and problem-solving.

ML— is a way of achieving AI by getting machines to act without explicitly being programmed to do so. In other words, we need not tell them what to do, these machines learn and can take action alone.

I know…Hello automation and efficiency!

These technologies are making our lives better today, and we may not even fully realize it. Think about ridesharing apps, online delivery outfits, and home thermostats — they all use AI and ML to service your immediate needs and learn what you like best over time. It is also used to help manage SPAM and predict stuff. As you know, where there is good, some bad can often rear its head. These technologies could be used by bad guys and will require us to innovate how we live and work as we look to glean their benefits. It’s probably easier now to understand how they relate.

I vividly remember watching several movies as I kid where this type of technology was mentioned and used as part of the plot. I was and am still mesmerized. They are now becoming a reality and will soon be our new norm. It’s like the writers of these movies were true technological visionaries. Then there are their ties to security.

According to a recent CSO Online Article, 24% of security professionals want to use AI-based cybersecurity technology to help their organization better identify and communicate risk to the business.

At Oildex, we are 100% committed to continuously improving, innovating and identifying opportunities to make our customers safer and more enabled than ever. This is being accomplished today by our adoption of tools, processes and security controls using both AI and ML. We are streamlining and improving the performance of our infrastructure services to get in front of concerns quicker, so we all share the lowest risk footprint possible. The potential swells of these waves are huge!

I know I have you thinking. How is or will AI and ML affect you?