Are You Prepared for the 2018 Field Service Trends?


The nature of technology equates to exponential improvement. Before we are even comfortable with one step (or five) in the digital transformation, a new advancement is being introduced. Although it can feel risky to keep jumping to the next stone, the decision to stand still can leave a company in the dust, behind the competition. Oilfield service is in the middle of a true technological revolution, disrupting the whole basis of the service industry. Are you prepared for some of the most remarkable service trends taking shape in 2018?

Let’s discover some of the most promising service trends and learn how Oildex Oilfield Service Suite can help you incorporate these technologies:

Significant Increase in Performance Data

The connectivity which the Internet of Things (IoT) provides teams allows for information to be shared across departments, allowing for more details to be known about customers, equipment, and productivity within a company. With the depth of data available to oilfield service companies comes improved predictability, enhanced efficiency of field service, realization of revenue opportunities during customer contact, and increased accuracy (along with customer confidence). Oilfield Services Suite Field Ticket module provides transparency for your oilfield service operations, from GPS tracking, complete job monitoring, and clear assignments of technicians, services scheduled, and equipment allocated to specific jobs. As jobs are entered, updated, and completed, the mobile capability of the Oilfield Services Suite Field Ticket application allows your field service team to enter valuable data in real time, providing you with a complete picture of jobs to be completed, in process, and completed.

Mobile Data Collection

The oilfield services industry has moved beyond providing access to information for technicians in the field to those same technicians gathering valuable data at the service site. Companies now have access to much more information about their customers, equipment, and service and repair needs. The ability to capture data when providing a quote in the field, determining rental needs, and providing additional service offerings helps your team move to a predictive service model. Oilfield Services Suite has modules to help you collect information you need, like the Consumables module where you can track closely and accurately consumable products, assigning them in correct quantities to specific jobs, and avoid the trickle of lost revenue from the inability to monitor their use across field sites.


In nearly every aspect of the oilfield service industry, the service trend toward automation is increasing productivity and efficiency. Time is no longer spent by technicians trying to determine what is needed at the jobsite, warehouse managers no longer wonder if the right equipment or assets are on hand, and human resource and safety managers searching through files to ensure their team maintains compliance and certifications are current. The Oilfield Services Suite Safety Module provides a complete calendar of certification and training needs, allows for digital safety reporting, and offers email notifications to prevent expirations and improve compliance.

Increased Customer Service Skills in Field Technicians

Service technicians are clearly the face of a service company. Therefore, having service providers who understand customer needs as well as the needs of the equipment they service helps to build a strong relationship between the customer and your company. Artificial Intelligence provides your team with detailed information about the equipment at the job site, but human skills which require a soft approach like proactive selling, upselling, and providing potential service options from someone seen as a “trusted advisor” should be cultivated in your team. The Oilfield Services Suite Field CRM Module helps your team manage customer information, allowing you to take a personalized approach to leads, and customers, new and old.

Oilfield Services Suite Offers Tools to Take Advantage of the 2018 Service Trends

These are a few of the trends seen across the board in the service industry. Many of them are related to the increase in artificial intelligence and IoT; however, machine learning cannot replace the value of the human connection. Therefore, employing technicians skilled in customer relationships will provide the personalization needed to balance the increased automation in oilfield services today. Oildex’s Oilfield Services Suite provides your oilfield service organization with a complete platform of modules designed to optimize your business processes across departments, streamlining operations from equipment to CRM, safety to field ticketing, providing real-time data and access from the executive suite to the field.


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