What our customers are saying about Oildex:

Spendworks (AP Invoice) – With Spendworks we are able to process triple what we were before. Now we receive over 80% of our invoices electronically which cuts down on the 'black hole.' And we've been able to take advantage of more discount terms because we can process invoices faster.

–Post Rock

JIB (JIB Invoice) – We recently entered into a major acquisition. Initially we anticipated needing 80 man-hours to enter the billing detail into our system. By utilizing Olidex we reduced the requirement to something less than 4 hours, with no keying errors.

Eland Energy Corporation

CDEX (CDEX Exchange) – For checks with multiple line items and adjustments, CDEX Complete is a huge time saver. And, there's always an electronic back-up of critical revenue data, if we should need it.

-Trinity Mineral Management

Run Ticket – With Oildex's RunTicket Connect (CODE), Tesoro successfully interfaces run tickets into ERP, easily saving the company significant amounts of time each month to do more value added activities.

-Tesoro Corporation

Gas Balancing – My experience with Oildex has been perfect. Customer Support has gone above and beyond to take care of any questions that I've had. What a dedicated team!

-Charles Doornbos

Gas Plant – It's about time somebody came up with a more efficient way to process these Gas Plant statements, and our operations team loves having mole percentage broken out.

Stakeholder – This looks very easy to use especially the option to manually enter data as well as have data auto-populate.

ORC (Owner & Partner Portal) – We have received many compliments from owners about the Owner Relations Connect platform, and our internal users are delighted with its capability to make their jobs easier.

–Jetta Operating Company

Spendworks ePayables

The Spendworks suite has changed the way we manage and control our spending. With Spendworks, we’ve been able to identify trends and spot opportunities with our suppliers. That allows us to make efficient spend decisions, saving us time and resources. The Spendworks suite is a key component to controlling our costs.

–Bill Barrett Corporation

By using Spendworks from Oildex, we have made great strides toward our goal of a totally paperless accounts payable process. We have eliminated manual processing steps and reduced related costs, while shortening the payment cycle at the same time.

–Jetta Operating Company, Inc.

No more lost invoices! Spendworks helps us track our invoices, noting who has coded and approved it and when it was approved and imported into our accounting system. No more trips to the file room to search for an invoice! With Spendworks we can view an original invoice right from our desks.

Berry Petroleum

Suppliers sending eInvoices

I am very pleased with Oildex, for two reasons, (1) it is so much faster and easier to submit invoices, and (2) if I need help, I get it immediately.

–Garrett Trucking

Our time to process an invoice went from 3 minutes per invoice to about 15 SECONDS each with Oildex! We are definitely happy about this Program. 

–Colorado Tubulars

Oildex is by far the easiest, the most user friendly and the most efficient program that we work in, and we send invoices through four programs! We can process almost three times as many invoices in Oildex as we can in the other programs over the same amount of time. 

–Wood Group Production Services, Inc.

Oildex Revenueworks simplifies the process of invoice submission and collection by providing tools that enable BJ Services to easily submit digital invoices, track payment status and resolve disputes on-line within an organized system, achieving performance in the art of getting paid.

–BJ Services

Oildex is a simple method of sending invoices – so much easier than what we were doing in the past. Especially with to interface with QuickBooks® it’s even easier. I love only spending five minutes on my invoicing! We love the speed as well as ease of sending, processing, and receiving payment! 

Rod Services

Oildex is user friendly. It is easy to check up on mapping issues which is a great benefit. Compared to other companies we’ve used, Oildex seems to be more flexible in terms of search and report functionality.

Champion Technologies

Red Man Pipe & Supply has been submitting and tracking our bills through the Oildex system for nearly 3 years. Using the system we get paid within our terms and problems are resolved quickly. The supplier notification feature alerts us if an invoice is missing required fields or a field ticket (proof of delivery) this helps us to solve the problem quickly. I wish we had more customers that used Oildex.

Red Man Pipe & Supply

The people at Oildex are nice to work with, and their requirements are easy! We invoice through Oildex for our customers, and that … makes them happy!

Sooner Pipe

Owner's Relations Connect

St Mary Land & Exploration pursues technologies that create value through efficiency while building good relationships with owners and partners. Use of the Oildex Connect services are a part of this mission, helping to reduce paper-based tasks and creating tools that clearly communicate essential business information to our partners. 

–St. Mary Exploration

BP values its royalty owners and chooses to provide the Owner Relations Connect service. By delivering paper-free information, BP shaves costs from the owner relations process and disseminates information quickly and easily, benefiting both royalty owners and BP.


Checkstub Connect

What a difference Checkstub Connect (CDEX) has made… We have added so much business this year, without Oildex, we would have had to hire at least one to two new employees to keep up the workload. Thank you!

Trust of Oklahoma

We have found that one of the best ways to free our staff of tedious, repetitive tasks is to automate as many of these chores as possible. Using Oildex, Checkstub Connect we upload our check detail directly into our accounting program and save roughly 30 hours of data-entry each month. 

–Gungoll Exploration

In our office we would require at least one additional full-time employee to accomplish what Checkstub Connect™ does. Oildex provides good customer support and helps us achieve our goals. 

Amarillo National Bank Oil and Gas Dept

We have been using the Checkstub Connect to access revenue data for years. This allows us to process the data more accurately and more timely leading to more accurate reporting, distribution and payments resulting in fewer landowner relation problems and minimizing exposure for late payment fees and penalties. 

Eland Energy Corporation

Oildex has automated our manual operations making our revenue department much more efficient and effective, eliminating errors. With Oildex, there is a built – in audit system, so we save time there too!

Baptist Foundation of Texas

CDEX is advantageous because it saves us a lot of time and resources 

Five Star Royalty


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