Industry Commitment

PIDX (The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange)
Oildex has actively worked to drive data initiatives within the oil and gas industry, serving on the PIDX Board since 1999. PIDX is a representative body of energy industry suppliers and oil companies. PIDX provides a global forum for delivering the process, information and technology standards that facilitates seamless, efficient electronic business within the oil and natural gas industry and its trading community.

OFS Portal
In late 2003, Oildex signed a formal agreement with the OFS Portal assuring its members that their proprietary data would be kept secure and in confidence. The OFS portal represents major upstream oil and gas suppliers. This agreement between Oildex and the OFS Portal was the product of a lengthy negotiation process. It has paved the way for an open, collaborative exchange relationship with member companies.

COPAS (Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies)
Since its inception, Oildex has participated in COPAS. The group provides a forum for understanding current trends and issues in petro-accounting. Involvement in COPAS has helped Oildex to better address industry needs through its software services.

NARO (National Association of Royalty Owners)
Through the Oildex Owner Relations Connect services, oil companies provide web access to revenue detail for more than 500,000 interest owners. To understand and respond to the concerns of these owners, Oildex belongs to the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO), an organization dedicated to the promotion of rights and responsibilities for owners of natural resources.

Professional Development Institute (PDI), University of North Texas
Oildex offers Denver-based event hosting for the Professional Development Institute (PDI) at the University of North Texas, a not-for-profit corporation that provides broad-based energy related training around the world. PDI is recognized as the world’s largest provider of oil and gas accounting education and offers a large complementary slate of diverse energy training programs. Some of PDI’s best-selling oil and gas programs include intensive, multi-day sessions such as the National Oil and Gas Schools and popular conferences including the Oil and Gas Royalty Conference and the ever-popular North American Petroleum Accounting Conference. PDI also offers in-house and public programs on variety of energy related topics and, in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, publishes the industry standard textbook, Petroleum Accounting: Principles, Procedures, and Issues.

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