Oildex operates the largest business network in the oil and gas industry, offering a full suite of financial automation solutions including collaborative workflow software and secure digital data exchange services.

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Ditch the Paper: How Digital Field Tickets are Transforming Business Processes for Oil & Gas


On-Demand Webinar

Driving Digital Innovation - Enabling the Intelligent Oilfield

Learn how industry 4.0 technologies are blurring the lines between digital and physical to enable the intelligent oilfield across supply chain, operations and finance.


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The Oildex network allows businesses in the oil and gas ecosystem to seamlessly collaborate across their financial supply chains, automate key business processes, eliminate the high cost and errors of paper and obtain access to key data to make more informed business decisions.


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"With Checkstub Connect, we save roughly 30 hours of data-entry each month." Gungoll Exploration
"Checkstub Connect allows us to process data accurately and timely, resulting in more accurate reporting and payment." Eland Energy Corporation
"Oildex has automated our manual operations making our revenue department much more efficient and effective, eliminating error" HighGround Advisors
" Oildex provides good customer support and helps us achieve our goals. " Amarillo National Bank Oil and Gas Dept
"CDEX is advantageous because it saves us a lot of time and resources." Five Star Royalty
"BP values its royalty owners and chooses to provide the Owner Relations Connect service provided by Oildex." BP
"We have received many compliments from owners about the Owner Relations Connect platform." Jetta Operating Company
"It's about time somebody came up with a more efficient way to process Gas Plant statements." Jetta Operating Company
"For checks with multiple line items and adjustments, CDEX is a huge time saver. " Trinity Mineral Management
"Oildex is by far the easiest and most user friendly and efficient program that we work in to send invoices." Wood Group Production Services
"Our time to process an invoice went from 3 minutes per invoice to about 15 SECONDS with Oildex! " Colorado Tubulars
"The time I save using OpenInvoice Supplier Link allows me to spend more time taking care of my customers." Windriver
"Using Oildex's Owner Relations, we shave costs from the owner relations process and disseminate information quick and easily." BP
"With Run Ticket, we save significant time each month to do more value-added activities." Andeavor
"Our managers love OpenInvoice because it’s easy to look up the information they need." Responsive Management Inc
"There’s no doubt that OpenInvoice provided significant value—in terms of productivity and assurance." Newfield Exploration