We like using Revenueworks because we always know when our invoices have been received and reviewed. With Oildex, questions about billing are resolved quickly and easily, resulting in more timely payment of our invoices.
Stallion Oilfield
Revenueworks, Oildex’s accounts receivable solution, enables suppliers to quickly create digital invoices for their customers and distribute them electronically. Easy to use, Revenueworks reduces handling costs, allows users to track invoice status, and helps customers process and pay invoices quickly.

The result is a win-win for everyone. Energy company operators benefit by being able to process invoices more quickly, giving them the opportunity to receive an early payment discount; and suppliers benefit by getting paid faster.

  • Reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Saves handling costs, paper, and postage
  • Ensures invoices are complete and problem free
  • Aids in customer dispute resolution
Oildex Supplier Services
Oildex Vendor Services Team
Revenueworks provides suppliers with a broad range of digital invoicing options, including web forms, spreadsheets, EDI, XML, and custom adaptors that create invoices from popular accounting packages, such as QuickBooks™. In addition, Oildex offers an innovative training and ongoing support program that helps suppliers send digital invoices quickly and confidently.
Supplier cooperation is an essential part of a successful ePayables program. That is why Oildex makes it a point to work directly with suppliers, helping them to understand and feel comfortable using Oildex's Revenueworks data exchange technology.

First, the Oildex Vendor Services team works closely with oil and natural gas company operators, helping them to identify strategic vendors that send high volumes of paper invoices. Then the Oildex Vendor Services team contacts those suppliers and trains them on the Revenueworks system, helping them select the most appropriate transmission method and teaching them how to submit digital invoices.

The result: oil and natural gas companies are able to process invoices more quickly, giving them the opportunity to receive early payment discounts, and suppliers get paid faster.
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