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Oildex is proud to serve more than 7,900 companies/clients and 130,000 registered users who rely on Oildex to process more than $182 Billion in transaction detail each year.
Oildex - proven technology to transform the business of energy
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Oildex's ePayables Solutions
  • Streamline A/P
  • Improve visibility
  • Capture discounts
  • Process JIBs
Oildex's eRevenue Solutions
  • Upload check detail
  • Access data earlier
  • Ensure accuracy
Oildex's eStatements Solutions
  • Provide owner websites
  • Access any statement
  • View data anytime
  • Reduce paper
Oildex overview
Relied on by leading energy companies and their business partners, Oildex software helps simplify, streamline, and speed up the processing of revenue, cost, and production information. It also dramatically improves workflow and productivity by eliminating the need for paper and time-consuming, manual tasks.

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Oildex software helps oil and natural gas operators improve productivity and save money by streamlining their business processes and making back office operations more efficient.

Oildex's software solutions for operators include:
  • Checkstub Connect (CDEX) - The world's largest oil and gas revenue data exchange
  • Spendworks - Oildex's industry leading ePayables system for processing invoices, field tickets, and purchase orders
  • JIB Connect - One of the largest electronic joint interest bill exchanges in the United States
  • Owner Relations Connect - The industry's most powerful owner-operator relations tool, providing users with web-accessible statements of revenue, production, gas balance, joint interest bills, and more
  • Run Ticket Connect (CODE) - A system for delivering digitized run tickets, summary statements, and tank tables, which can be imported directly into a company's existing ERP software
Oildex software saves owners time and money by helping them streamline their business operations, decrease errors and delays, and access information faster.

Oildex owner solutions include:
  • Checkstub Connect (CDEX) - The oil and natural gas industry's largest revenue data exchange, providing royalty and interest owners with the ability to receive and upload their revenue data digitally, via the Internet
  • CDEX Complete - A service that converts paper check stub detail into digital, uploadable CDEX data
  • JIB Connect - One of the largest electronic joint interest bill (JIB) exchanges in the United States, which automates JIB processing and eliminates routine monthly data entry
  • Owner Relations Connect - A service that provides royalty and working interest owners with secure access to revenue, expense, production, and ownership information, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, at anytime, from anywhere they have Internet connectivity
Oildex helps suppliers get paid faster. How does Oildex do it? By providing suppliers with a broad range of digital invoicing options, including web forms, spreadsheets, EDI, XML, and custom adaptors that create invoices from popular accounting packages, such as QuickBooks™. This helps ensure that invoices are complete and problem free and saves on handling costs, paper, and postage. Oildex also offers training to suppliers on each of the electronic invoicing methods, as well as support (including online documents and phone support).
Oildex improves communication and collaboration between oil and natural gas industry purchasers and producers. Using Oildex Petro Connect software, purchasers can provide producers with access to critical revenue and volume information – including run tickets, crude oil statements, and gas statements – via the Internet, anywhere, anytime. The result: No more manual data entry or worrying about lost tickets or statements. Moreover, Oildex makes it possible for purchasers to collaborate with producers to correct statements before they are finalized, and money is paid, eliminating errors and delays.